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Enhanced Corvega Sedan W.I.P. by Chris-Redfield-2013
Enhanced Corvega Sedan W.I.P.
"Oh boy... Here he goes again!", you're probably thinking right about now. I just can't give up on these old rusted out shitboxes on wheels now, can I? :D This is pretty much my take on the "Post-Nuclear Edition" Corvega that X-N-A released not so long ago. All I did was omit parts from said model as well as a retextured, "regular" Sedan model(the one he originally released), and added a few pieces that I ported in, such as a more detailed engine compartment, taillights, and an "in-dash computer", which is out of view in this picture. Overall, It looks like an all around more functional automobile, and probably one of the most detailed vehicle props I've ever seen in XNALara. Still doesn't have the passenger side door handles though(Which is strange, because the same issue is present when I saw them in all their pre-war glory during Fallout 3). There is a catch to all of this though: In it's current state, it offers nothing in terms of posing being that it's only a static .obj model right now. And yes, it does need some texture work, as the dashboard(which could use some extra detail in it's own texture)and door card textures are a totally different color from the rest of the vehicle. And it needs some mesh work as there is a "control panel" left over from the original Post-Nuclear model that looks silly just floating there above the center of the dashboard now that the car has an actual windshield. And the old steering column can be removed too. The texture work I can handle pretty well. As for the mesh and rigging part... Well, any takers?

All Corvega Components by :iconx-n-a:

Fusion Generator, Plasma Caster(in-game components of which the engine compartment is made up of), Taillights, and In-Dash Computer by me

Textures for the Battery and Piping are from

Copyright- Bethesda Game Studios/Obsidian Entertainment/Bethesda Softworks

Made in XNALara
Soldier and Demoman demand Adventure! by Chris-Redfield-2013
Soldier and Demoman demand Adventure!

Solly and Demo. 'Nuff said. Enjoy this beautiful piece of shit I made. ;)

Soldier and Demoman by :iconx-n-a:

Stickybomb Launcher by :iconjhonyhebert:

Australium Rocket Launcher by me

Background courtesy of

Copyright- Valve Corporation

Made in XNALara Rendered in KeyShot 5. Edited in GIMP 2.8
KeyShot 5 Lighting Test by Chris-Redfield-2013
KeyShot 5 Lighting Test
Yeah... This one didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to... It's mostly just to see how good KeyShot 5's lighting is. There's too many errors with this damn thing for me to be actually proud of it though.

Booker by :iconarmachamcorp: and :iconslatena:

Elizabeth, Broadsider Pistol, and Chinabroom Shotgun by :iconarmachamcorp:

Baker Street by :iconlexakiness:

Copyright- Irrational Games/2K, and Frogwares

Made in XNALara Rendered in KeyShot 5. Edited in GIMP 2.8
I am Heavy Weapons Guy... by Chris-Redfield-2013
I am Heavy Weapons Guy...
:iconheavyplz: :iconsaysplz: ...And I STILL have yet to see enemy outsmart bullet.

Just testing him out... ;)

Heavy by :iconx-n-a:

Iron Curtain by me

Background by Google Images

Copyright- Valve Corporation

Made in XNALara Rendered in KeyShot 5. Edited in GIMP 2.8
J. Marston and B. DeWitt by Chris-Redfield-2013
J. Marston and B. DeWitt



-Classified SCP Foundation Server 7-

-SCP Foundation Overseer's Log Entry System-

Log Entry Date: 05/09/2307 (Overseer ID# VSL: N.V./CORD: 346N.-x-216E./VSCL: 4)

Author: Vault 199 Overseer

Subject: J. Marston and B. DeWitt


VSL- Vault Server Location    VSCL- Vault Security Clearance Level(1 being lowest, 5 being highest)

-Release Enclave Tesla Armor variants

-Finish converting Team Fortress 2 weapons for use in XPS. If you have a specific weapon from the game you'd like to see in the upcoming pack, please let me know.

-Port over weapons(both melee and firearms)and other misc. items from Condemned: Criminal Origins(originally converted for use in Garry's Mod)for use in XPS.

-Port over and release Fallout 3/New Vegas weapons for use in XPS.

-Do more SFM-related shit(perhaps do a video???)
Current SFM Projects-
"Tuesday's Gone"(Poster)- Finished
"I'm Sorry"(Poster)- Done...ish
"Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight"(Poster)- 15% Complete
"Wicked Game(renamed P.T.)"(Poster)- Cancelled
"Engineer likes Trains"(Poster)- Not started
"I am Soldier"(Poster)- 70% Complete
"Jam Session: The Outlaw Torn"(Poster)- Not started

So... Any questions?
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Mitchell R.
United States
Let's see... I love video games, cars, trucks, and heavy-metal music. Ya' know. Typical guy stuff. If you wanna know more, Don't be afraid to ask...

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